Radhavallabh Tripathi

Nayasastra (NS) was compiled to set models and standards for the performers and playwrights. Being akaragrantha – the sourcebook -- as well as the most voluminous authentic ancient text on the art of drama, it naturally cast an everlasting impact on Indian theatric traditions including the regional traditions of performance. The philosophy and vision for theatre spelled out by the NS have percolated so deeply in forms of dance and drama in India that despite all the geographical, social and anthropological differences, this single unique text of Bharatamuni has paved the way for the sustenance of and synchronization between diverse regional theatric traditions of India. The tenets of NS in some way or other are reflected in the regional theatreforms like


North - Bhand Pather and Bhand of Kashmir
North East - Ankiya Nat, Lai Haroaba, Bare Chaharia Bhaona (all from Assam),Manipuri Rasa.etc.
Northern India - Ramalila, Rasalila, Svanga, Nauatanki etc.
Central India - Manch (in Malwa), Naca (in Chattisgarh),
Rajasthan – Khayal
Gujrat - Bhavai
Andhra Pradesh – Harikatha, Yakshagana, Kuchipuri etc.
Kerala and Tamilnadu - Krishnaattam, Ramaattam, Therukuttu, Kathakali, Vithinaakam, Kutiyaam, Bhagavatamela Yakshagana etc.