K.D. Tripathi

Natya has been defined as the "Abhinaya of Rasa and Bhava". Etymologically the term 'Abhinaya' is derived from the root Ni to carry, with the prefix 'abhi' in the sense of towards. Hence, 'abhinaya' is the theatrical action or performance communicating 'Bhavas' and carrying them to the spectator. These 'Bhavas' are aroused in the hearts of a responsive audience and ultimately they are ideally transformed into 'rasas'.

Sarangadeva, therefore, understands Natya, quite in consonance with the concept of Bharata and Abhinava, primarily as 'Rasa' and secondarily as 'abhinaya'.

According to the Upanisads, as interpreted by Advaitism, Ultimate Reality which is Consciousness or the Self is pure knowledge (jnana). It is static, and without activity (niskriya). It is also devoid of self-consciousness, as there is no duality. The 'Self' does not have a 'notself' to help define itself.