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The mba tradition comprises both the oral and textual. It is an organic part of Indian life. The growing interest in modern times in mba is a welcome trend. Western intelligentsia
is blissfully ignorant of the oral traditions of mba. Hence the new academic studies should not distance the masses from mba.

Vedas were central to our culture. The expansion of it has three streams. The intellectual plane is left to the Upanishads. It is the realm of Yajnavalkyas, mytreyees and Gargees. The ritualistic part is inherited by the priesthood. Itihasas and puranas lead them to the masses. Mba is the one text closest to the Vedic world.

To contemporaries this tradition we should be daringly selective. Govt. Of India names a prestigious award in the name of Dronacarya. How can a dalit receive it without fear of his thump? At the same time there are contexts most suitable to the present. After the advice the Lord tells Arjuna think on it and do however you like. This is the highest
value in a democratic society. The need of the hour is an intelligent hamsa who can distinguish milk from water.